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- By Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] Date 26-03-2015 23:19
Hi everybody,

Please help the hopeless foreigner mazda rider....

I need to do the APK, in the Amsterdam area. The only place I know is Kwik-fit, and they are booked until first week of April, and I need to do it until the end of March. Knowing the dutch goverment, I'll a hefty fine if I dont do it.

Does anybody know where I can do a 'drive in' APK?

- By CasperRX-8 (Opper RX-8 spotter) [nl] Date 27-03-2015 11:15
Come on my friend, try Google?
- By Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] Date 27-03-2015 13:13
Google is my friend, but the indication of "drive-in" availability isn't mentioned. Only the 'Afspraak' :-)

And if we would all rely on Google, the whole purpose of great forums like these wouldn't exist.
- By rudolphw (Rotary SuperSpammer) [nl] Date 27-03-2015 14:26 Edited 27-03-2015 14:38
"APK zonder afspraak".......
"APK direct Amsterdam".......

By the way.......I half agree with you..........and fully agree with Casper my personal opinion; to keep forums interesting everybody has its own individual responsability to consult the forum for "heavy things" and "try Google-search" for simple questions...

Kind regards, Ruud
- By melis (Deelnemer) [nl] Date 27-03-2015 14:35
after 2 months you're automaticly fined. Before that, only if you make a different offense

gr. Marc
- By Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] Date 27-03-2015 19:56
Thanks Rudolphw! That's a great help! :-)
I'll be there tomorrow morning.
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