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- By Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] Date 24-03-2015 21:21
Hi everybody,

As you might have guessed from my previous post, I need a new battery. After sending some emails around, and getting ridiculous prices, I decided to order the battery online, with delivery the same day.
I ordered it at, for 89 euros. Of course, the battery only got delivered the next day...

So here I go, changing the battery. I did have the tools for the contacts, but they wouldnt work on the bolts of the battery brackets. So I borrowed a wrench from a neighbour, and tried again.

All worked out: it's indeed a tight fit, but I had an accident. I wasnt aware that what holds the brackets in place are hooks. And when I removed the first one, it fell down.
This is the part:

Now, my question is..... where did it go?

So, I'm asking the more experienced members if they have any clue:
- where it might end up?
- how do I retrieve it? (the car has a bottom cover so it didnt fell through to the floor)
- is it safe to drive with that stuff loose in the bottom?

On the battery side, I'm not worried, as the battery is such a tight fit that I'm pretty sure that the bracket is useless.
Besides that, I'm a happy camper: my mazda is back in all its glory!
- By tzeunis (ForumPro) [nl] Date 24-03-2015 21:29
Alongside the under-edge of your bumper are plastic screw. Unscrew these en remove the floor; it should be there. I don't think it's wise to drive with that bracket lose in your car; not for your own engine and above all: not for the other road users!
- By Olof (Rotary SuperSpammer) [nl] Date 24-03-2015 21:34
I would remove the bottom, if I were you. And there is a risk your battery will jump out of its box when driving fast over bumpy terrain, remodelling the hood...

- By Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] Date 24-03-2015 21:41
Tzeunis, you're right, it could be hazardous to the fellow drivers.

Olof, I love your sense of humour! :-)

Does anybody have any instructions/video on how to remove the bottom part, and what tools are needed? I dont want to fuck up once again.

Thanks everybody!
- By tzeunis (ForumPro) [nl] Date 24-03-2015 21:47 Edited 24-03-2015 22:10
Just a Philips screwdriver and some light in this hour of the day :-)

Twist the inner of the black plastic screws and the middle pops out. Then you can remove them. You also need to remove a part of the screws underneath your car that link up with the inner wheelarch. There is some sort of overlap. It's very easy.

(in fact that easy, there is no DIY guide :-) )
- By Michael Z (SuperForumposter) [nl] Date 25-03-2015 21:20
If it fell all the way down (and hopefully it did) it will be on the inside of the plastic undertray (you might see it from the front of the car if you drop down on your knees and look into the gap underneath your front bumper where your radiator sits).

As mentioned by others it is not wise to drive the car like this because vibrations caused by the road will make the hook fall out of the undertray so you will not only lose it but it will cause damage to your car or that of others as well.

If it didn't fell all the way down then it is probably stuck somewhere on the side of the battery box and you should remove it to retrieve the hook.

Good luck!
- By Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] Date 26-03-2015 23:13
I couldnt find it between the plastic cover and radiator.

But I took a look beneath it, and there it was, hanging from one one the holes on the cover. Crysis averted, Mazda is back to life!

Thanks for all the support, guys! :-)
- By Michael Z (SuperForumposter) [nl] Date 28-03-2015 15:41
Glad to hear you found it and everything sits back in place!
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