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- By Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] Date 17-03-2015 14:07
Hi everybody,

I'm the proud owner of a Mazda RX-8 here in the Netherlands. I moved to Amsterdam recently, and I'm looking for a new place for the maintenance of my Mazda.

Can you please give an indicative price for changing the battery and doing the APK?
What are the good garages for maintenance of an RX-8 in Amsterdam area?


PS: ik kan wel een betje nederlands lezen.
- By tzeunis (ForumPro) [nl] Date 17-03-2015 14:11
Hi Equinox,

no idea what the best Rotary garage in A'dam area is, but there is a very good one in Rilland. Rotary specialist! It's about 2 hours drive at the sea, so make a nice day out of it.,4.197507,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x47c471f482826555:0x9076b11091d84655?hl=nl

I think a battery change can be done by yourself; you just need a proper and powerfull enough battery. I thought some guys here replaced their battery a few months ago...
- By Olof (Rotary SuperSpammer) [nl] Date 17-03-2015 15:00
Go to Dirk Barten Amsterdam. He will provide you with the original battery having the right dimensions (which is important for cooling). Not the cheapest, however...

- By Michael Z (SuperForumposter) [nl] Date 17-03-2015 20:21
APK costs just 20 euro at any Mazda dealer since there is no emissions test to be done!

A "stock-like" battery mostly costs between 100 and 150 euro, however the dimensions are important as stated before because of the cooling (you can see the cooling airduct in the left lower corner of the battery box, if the cooling is blocked life and performance of the battery will be potentially lower).

The battery swap is very simple though and can be performed yourself.

You might want to spend some more money and upgrade your battery while at it, make sure you buy one with the right dimensions and high CCA (Cold Cranking Amps).

Good luck!
- By Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] Date 22-03-2015 17:13
Hi Tzeunis,

Indeed, I got an answer back from your guy guy in the south. I'm not an expert in dutch prices, but he asked nearly 200 euros for a battery change....
- By tzeunis (ForumPro) [nl] Date 22-03-2015 20:17
I don't know if that's a normal, decent price... never changed my battery. Other guys can tell u this.
- By Olof (Rotary SuperSpammer) [nl] Date 22-03-2015 22:12 Edited 22-03-2015 22:19
I had mine changed about three years ago. If I remember well, I payed just under 200,-- euro for a Mazda OEM battery, including workshop and VAT. They are expensive, as I said. If you happen to come from the UK, you will have to get used to Dutch prices. That's also why I get my spark plugs and coils from the UK and my oil from Germany...  :-)

- By CasperRX-8 (Opper RX-8 spotter) [nl] Date 23-03-2015 19:46
My new battery voor a Mazda 3 was €158...
- By tzeunis (ForumPro) [nl] Date 23-03-2015 23:21
@ Casper: originele en zo ja, waar? :-) Dat is een zeer nette prijs!
- By PayDay (Powerposter) [nl] Date 24-03-2015 07:10
158 euro voor een accu is geen goede prijs. In de meeste Mazda's zit origineel een Yuasa. Ik betaal er afhankelijk van de capaciteit tussen de 65 en 90 euro voor.
- By CasperRX-8 (Opper RX-8 spotter) [nl] Date 24-03-2015 17:37
Bij de dealer, volgens mij van Bosch, kan dat?
- By Michael Z (SuperForumposter) [nl] Date 25-03-2015 21:24
Buying a battery from the Mazda dealer will set you back more money than is neccesary, their prices are very high and Mazda doesn't even make their own batteries, they just put a sticker on it....

Try Optima Batteries instead, worth your money.
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