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Up Topic Techniek en prestaties / Cosmetica / 17" jantes voor winter
- By Rasputin (SuperForumposter) [be] Date 30-09-2004 14:12
Ik heb vandaag een set van 17" alu jantes voor m'n winter banden besteld. 80 Eur per stuck. Kleur : zilver, niet anthraciet!
- By Eric (ForumPro) Date 04-10-2004 10:57
Los van de getoonde velgen een vraag:

Zijn er RX8 rijders die winterbanden gaan aanschaffen en zo ja, om welke reden.
Ik heb op mijn MX5 tijdens de donkere maanden ook LM-velgen met Bridgstone winterbanden laten leggen omdat de wegligging van de MX5 niet super te noemen is wanneer de natte tijd begint. De 8 is zo afgeregeld dat ik hier geen problemen verwacht. Afgelopen winter, het heeft nogal geregend, heb ik geen problemen gehad.
- By Rasputin (SuperForumposter) [be] Date 04-10-2004 11:22
RX8 + Bridgestone RE040 + sneeuw = NO TRACTION whatsoever!
In february, I got blocked by a bit of snow. It took me 1,5 h to drive 15 meters out of my neighbourgh's drive (I put my car there because I thought it'd be easier to drive off than my drive), by throwing handfuls of gravel (no gloves!!) under ther rear wheels. My (then) 12 months baby girl was first crying, then fell asleep and I arrived 1,5 h late at her childminder. An experience I will NOT repeat!
Regen is geen probleem. Sneeuw is well!
Another point : my RX8 is my everyday car!
- By Eric (ForumPro) Date 04-10-2004 12:26
My 8 is also my everyday car, so I would like to know if I should change tyres or not.
- By Rasputin (SuperForumposter) [be] Date 04-10-2004 13:26
Eric wrote:

> My 8 is also my everyday car, so I would like to
> know if I should change tyres or not.

Eric, if you cannot rely on another vehicle for a possible snowy day, I'd advise you to get a set of winter rubber for your RX8. However, did you get any snow last year in your area? If you didn't, summer tyres with good rain behaviour should be enough. But cold RE040s are ABSOLUTELY USELESS in the snow, even with traction control and DSC on or off!

Another point, it strongly depends were you live too. If your house is in a city and is cleaned rapidly, again, you won't need winter tyres. But if like me, you live in the countryside, where they come to clean the roads 2 or 3 days too late, and there is no tarmac on the street you live on, then winter tyres are a must. Also, my area is where the famous Rallye du Condroz takes place. It is renowned in Europe for being very slippery. Indeed it takes place in November, well before the first snow, but during beetroot harvesting. Roads are then wet, muddy with the odd smashed beetroot waiting for your summer tyre to completely loose traction.

I bought these alloys for 80 Eur only each as it's out of production now. I'll fit some winter times left from my wife's previous car (Boxster). So I'll get away with it quite cheap!!
- By Rasputin (SuperForumposter) [be] Date 18-10-2004 12:48
- By Caecil (Rotary SuperSpammer) [nl] Date 19-10-2004 19:40
Mooie foto: 3 achten en een Porsche!
Wat zien die velgen er trouwens ontzettend klein uit. Erg wennen om kleiner dan 18" onder een 8 te zien.
- By Rasputin (SuperForumposter) [be] Date 20-10-2004 08:36
Photo was taken at Spa, during the Rotatry Days (the Rotary Club, not the engine - see Meetings on this forum).

They indeed look smaller (1" smaller :-) ). RX8 visually NEEDS 18", but I MUST drive this winter! (and MUST > NEED). Look at US or Japan 8s with 16" : sad and ugly!!!
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