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- Van Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] op 27-03-2015 23:00
It seems that I hit the famous hot start problem with my RX8.

Any ideas where to start?

So far, I put together the following pieces of information:
- I need to do a compression check. What's the best place for that?
- The seafoam cleaning. Any ideas where that can be done in NL?
- Engine rebuild. Where and how much?
- Starting do I find out if that is the case?

The car drives great, so I dont imagine lack of compression would be the primary issue here.

Please help the Rotary-noob here!

- Van Michael Z (SuperForumposter) [nl] op 28-03-2015 15:52
No need for a compression check if the car drives great, compression loss means power loss and the car would be sluggish and/or making strange noises.

Seafoam cleaning needs to be done by yourself if you really want to go that route...  No place to get this done.

Why need and engine rebuild if it runs great? A brand new engine from Mazda costs about as much as a complete rebuild by the way (I think approximately 5000 euro?), but this is much easier/faster/cheaper to get done though.

As for the starter engine; check the other thread you posted regarding this problem, I explained it there.
- Van Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] op 28-03-2015 16:09
Again, great input, Michael Z!

Now you see my rookieness in terms of rotary. :-)
- Van Michael Z (SuperForumposter) [nl] op 28-03-2015 16:23
No problem Equinox, we were all rookies once ;)
- Van Equinox (Deelnemer) [nl] op 31-03-2015 21:42
New start engine, now the RX8 start hot, warm, cold. :-)
It's indeed a hell of a difference!

I'm a happy camper!
- Van Michael Z (SuperForumposter) [nl] op 03-04-2015 19:48
Happy rotoring Equinox :)
- Van JensSchilstra (Deelnemer) [nl] op 29-06-2015 08:02
How long did it take to warm start your rx? I have the same problem...
Omhoog Onderwerp Techniek en prestaties / Techniek / Warm start

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